The Story of Soulless

Chapter Ⅰ

There once was a time where money meant power, security and happiness. Money used to rule the world and it's inhabitants. Those times have long passed...

After decades of humans fighting over money, more than 75% of the earth's population has been wiped out. Money rapidly started loosing its value. Without any paper money left, a resource with undeniable worth replaced all money ever printed. This asset cannot be produced however, much rather it has to be hunted down by a brave, strong and intelligent being with a good heart.


Everyone longed for souls. However, it didn't take long until most humans had spent their souls and millions of us were gone, leaving no less than a lost soul behind.

Chapter Ⅱ
Home is where we are
Soul City

The world was seemingly dead. However, one settlement had mastered to survive the new way of living. A city with such prestige, power and secrecy, it's diamond shine can be seen on the horizon from miles away. 


Seven thousand five hundred of the most elite humans to ever exist inhabit it.

Chapter Ⅲ
Legends never die

These people did not differ in gender, class nor color. They treated one another as equals with honesty and respect. Over time they have grown to the most powerful organization in existance. Every singel member brave hearted, loving and powerfully in peace with themselves. These elite members call themselves...


Chapter Ⅳ
Equality Honesty Unity
Soulless Society

Deep underground there is a cave system, right below Soul City. It stretches over thousands of miles. Many go down there to find the infamous shelter of the Soulseeker. However most of them have not made it back out. 

In the very bottom of the cave a diamond shine peaks through the cracks on the walls. For the chosen ones the gates may open and reveal...

...the Soulless Society...

an untouchable community with the brightest and most dedicated being of this planet, they live for the sole purpose of making this world a place of beauty and unity.

On most subjects the society members vote to keep peace and happiness within it's ranks. There is only three rules that represent upmost importance to the society...

Equality...Honesty...and Unity